Controversial opinion on two "positive" posts.


With this post I want to discuss two posts I saw suggesting ideas towards supporting mental health sufferers. As you all should know I am extremely passionate about mental health and support, however these two posts in particular I disagreed with.

Post number one is a tweet that states everyone deserves someone who is "good for your mental health" and "never stops trying". Now everyone deserves friends that are good for our mental health and push us forwards instead of holding us back. However the suggestion of people never stopping trying I had trouble with. 

I would argue it is unreasonable to suggest people should never ever stop trying to bring someone up if they are in a hole. If you are giving and giving to someone who doesn't want to get better, or is unable, then you are giving so much emotional energy with no return. You cannot expect people to continue in this dynamic indefinitely. Similarly if you are giving and giving time and effort to someone and getting nothing back, that relationship is not good for you and I would argue is borderline toxic.

Another way of looking at this is part of my developments catalyst was losing relationships. Perhaps a change in situation and evidence of what they are losing as a result of not working on their mental health is what they need.

Tweet number two is another post I have an issue with. Part of what I have had to work hard to develop over my journey is my positive attitude towards every aspect of my life. This includes embracing all my negative experiences as life lessons and being thankful for them. 

This tweet suggests the idea that trauma isn't something to be glorified and dismisses the idea of negative experiences being a source of strength.

However I would argue this is completely the incorrect mentality to have if you actually are trying to recover from trauma. 

I would even argue this tweet encourages victimisation of oneself, which for me is an extremely troublesome mentality to encourage. 

You have two choices on how to spin trauma and mental health. Either embrace it and learn from it, or wallow in pity at how the world has dealt you a stunted hand.


  1. Incredible! This post may be the longest but it's length is perfect for this topic. I love this topic. Not all positive posts are positive, though they may seem it. I completely agree with you for both. The first one in particular is so relatable. I was completely hooked start to end! This was worth the wait! Keep up bud!! Xx


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