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The worm hole of depression

Depression is a worm hole. I used to think it was a black hole, but I was mistaken. Nothing ever comes out of a black hole.  The way I experienced depression (and everyone’s experience will be different) is a journey mixed with periods of stagnation. It was a long dark road, but I truly believe there is a light at the base of every worm hole if you choose to seek it. The reason I imagine depression as a wormhole is because you enter this mind spinning vortex with no light. You feel yourself spinning around and around but it is all in misery. It is easy to accept that your position in this world is set to be in the middle of this wormhole.  I can’t see an exit, so I guess I’m stuck here! However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Making the effort in the wormhole is unimaginably hard. To think you have no hope but still motivate yourself to move in a seemingly aimless direction is something I struggled with for so many years. It all started with my desperation to escape. I reali