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Drug addiction - rehab metaphor video

Image A video here which is used as a metaphor for drug addiction in rehab centres. I think it creates an effective picture of the importance of not getting reliant on certain substances.  One of my vices in alcohol, I get the high for the night then the next morning feel awful. It sometimes creates a cycle as I feel hungover I drink to offset the withdrawals and then feel even worse the next and so on.  That effect is what the video describes and it's important to keep in your perspective if you struggle. The acknowledgement that this is short term and comes at a cost.

The importance of catharsis

It is crucial to externalise your emotions.  Therapy has been one of the key pillars in my development. Expressing your emotions verbally, having a different perspective shone on your thoughts and someone empathising with you is essential.  This doesn't have to be a therapist it could be a friend, mentor, parent or even a stranger. Embrace the feeling of warmth you have when you share your emotions with another human being. Let it wash over you and generate bliss. This shines a spotlight on the importance for men in particular to talk. Keeping everything in is not a sign of strength. You are blowing up a balloon more and more until it will inevitably burst in the form of a lash out. This may perhaps not be directed at anyone involved even. This has the potential to destroy relationships. Speak to someone, reach out. It may just save your life.

Getting out of bed

So, you’ve woken up. You don’t want to get out of bed. You’re disappointed that you’ve even woken up in the first place. But you have woken up. As always you have a choice. Do you give in to your negative emotions, stay hiding from the world under your covers? Is that going to make you happy? No The other choice is to fight. Fight those demons as soon as you realise, you’re awake. The key I’ve found, and which is supported by many psychologists such as Jordan Peterson is to start with the small things. Fight to make your bed. Fight to get up and have a shower. Fight to go outside and go for a walk. As you do these things you will gradually notice your mood improve. Your emotional brain (or chimp as referred to in the chimp paradox) is being convinced that you’re not worthless, which you never were. You notice a feeling of good mood. Of pride for productivity. These feelings carries for much of the day. Fight for the small battles, and soon you will notice a change in balance of