The stigma around medication

I take a variety of medications. It took me a while to convince myself to, but I would never turn back.

The brain is a structure comprised of 86 billion cells, incomprehensible complexity. Every single brain is extremely different, just think how many variations of 86 billion there is mathematically.

Chemical imbalances are going to be present, and if that is the case why wouldn’t you want to correct that?

I originally hated the idea of antidepressants “changing” me, changing my brain chemistry, changing me as a person. However, after using them for half a year now I’ve realised this is me. My brain for whatever reason wasn’t producing sufficient serotonin, I was a shell drowning in depression and anxiety. The side affects were tough at first but pushing through them was one of the best choices I ever made.

Now I am happy, confident, and have the motivation to be better every single day.

If there’s one message that I want to get across in this post its this, don’t be afraid to experiment with medication if you don’t feel ok. Accept the help of these proven chemicals that are there to help you, it may just change your life.


  1. This post articulately raises awareness of the stigma that surrounds medication. I for one have had my doubts around it as well. After reading this, it eases my doubts. As you've rightfully pointed out, why not correct something that isn't correctly balanced? It's incredible how you've managed to not only convince yourself to take action but how it's been beneficial & to you & your mental state. It allows you to be the person I know you as. I'm sure this will give others the confidence & reassurance to try medication to help them. The whole post is written excellently, from start to end. I love this so much & I'm super proud of you bud!! xxxx

    1. Thank you mate really appreciate all your support xxx

    2. Of course bud! I'll always support you xxxx


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