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Controversial opinion on two "positive" posts.

  With this post I want to discuss two posts I saw suggesting ideas towards supporting mental health sufferers. As you all should know I am extremely passionate about mental health and support, however these two posts in particular I disagreed with. Post number one is a tweet that states everyone deserves someone who is "good for your mental health" and "never stops trying". Now everyone deserves friends that are good for our mental health and push us forwards instead of holding us back. However the suggestion of people never stopping trying I had trouble with.  I would argue it is unreasonable to suggest people should never ever stop trying to bring someone up if they are in a hole. If you are giving and giving to someone who doesn't want to get better, or is unable, then you are giving so much emotional energy with no return. You cannot expect people to continue in this dynamic indefinitely. Similarly if you are giving and giving time and effort to someone and