Emotion on the stock market

 Emotion can be likened in many ways to a stock on the market. The fluctuations can be frantic at times, however investment most likely sees an overall positive trajectory. Investment includes simple everyday things such as getting outside even on walks, talking with friends or whatever gives you happiness or purpose. 

It is important when your stock is falling not to despair. The knowledge that stocks are volatile and will inevitably rise once again is useful knowledge for it provides hope, even when your stock has reached its lowest value. 

Invest. invest. invest, and revel in the long-term gains of the value of your stock.



  1. So glad to see another post! It's been a while but the wait was definitely worth it! The comparison of emotion and stocks was honestly clever. The continous comparison makes this post engaging & brilliant! The best part about this blog post is that not only do you gain a concise understanding of both stocks and emotions, but your also given guidance with both. The ending as always is so powerful! Loved this! Can't wait to see the next one bud!! Xx


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