The importance of catharsis

It is crucial to externalise your emotions. 

Therapy has been one of the key pillars in my development. Expressing your emotions verbally, having a different perspective shone on your thoughts and someone empathising with you is essential. 

This doesn't have to be a therapist it could be a friend, mentor, parent or even a stranger.

Embrace the feeling of warmth you have when you share your emotions with another human being. Let it wash over you and generate bliss.

This shines a spotlight on the importance for men in particular to talk. Keeping everything in is not a sign of strength. You are blowing up a balloon more and more until it will inevitably burst in the form of a lash out. This may perhaps not be directed at anyone involved even. This has the potential to destroy relationships.

Speak to someone, reach out. It may just save your life.


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  2. Wow! Your words speak volumes! You've ingeniously highlighted the importance of catharsis. It's impressive that you've pointed out that therapy isn't limited to a therapist, it can be with a range of different people. Really makes therapy seem achievable! Your analysis is outstanding! Your words make it easy to visualise each aspect. I love how you've pointed out the importance of men speaking out! Way to name & break norms! That fact that you've mentioned the repercussions of keeping things in is striking! The last line gives the post a perfect ending! Super powerful! The blogs just get better & better bud!! :)) xx


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