Getting out of bed

So, you’ve woken up. You don’t want to get out of bed. You’re disappointed that you’ve even woken up in the first place.

But you have woken up. As always you have a choice. Do you give in to your negative emotions, stay hiding from the world under your covers? Is that going to make you happy? No

The other choice is to fight. Fight those demons as soon as you realise, you’re awake. The key I’ve found, and which is supported by many psychologists such as Jordan Peterson is to start with the small things. Fight to make your bed. Fight to get up and have a shower. Fight to go outside and go for a walk.

As you do these things you will gradually notice your mood improve. Your emotional brain (or chimp as referred to in the chimp paradox) is being convinced that you’re not worthless, which you never were. You notice a feeling of good mood. Of pride for productivity. These feelings carries for much of the day.

Fight for the small battles, and soon you will notice a change in balance of the war.


  1. This is so powerful! It's remarkable how you've been able to expand on something as simple as getting out of bed. The fact that I'm hooked from the beginning because of how direct it is. I love how it's straightforward, everything is so relevant! The structure is brilliant! Everything flows perfectly! What makes it brilliant is how it addresses how you're feeling & provides the best guidance for those emotions. It even teaches you a couple of things (chimp paradox & Jordan Peterson). My favourite part is the ending 'Fight for the small battles & soon you'll notice a change in the balance of the war' << So cool! The best ending! Another spectacular blog bud! LOVE IT!! XX

  2. Thank you so much, you're kind words mean so much to me xx

    1. Of course! You mean so much to me! So honoured I could read it! xx


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