Drug addiction - rehab metaphor video



A video here which is used as a metaphor for drug addiction in rehab centres.

I think it creates an effective picture of the importance of not getting reliant on certain substances. 

One of my vices in alcohol, I get the high for the night then the next morning feel awful. It sometimes creates a cycle as I feel hungover I drink to offset the withdrawals and then feel even worse the next and so on. 

That effect is what the video describes and it's important to keep in your perspective if you struggle. The acknowledgement that this is short term and comes at a cost.


  1. Woah! You've proved my point that the blog just gets better and better with each blog post! The length of the blog is so ideal! It goes to show that the blog doesn't have to be long to be fantastic! The choice of topic is just brilliant! Drug addiction is so relevant and important! Way to promote awareness! I love the use of the video! It explains the topic excellently! Your experiences make the topic so relatable & help in further improving understanding. The ending again is so powerful! Really completes the whole post! Honestly love this bud!! So very proud of you!! :)) xx


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